I am still around!

It’s been so long since I updated anything on here! Life seems to have gotten in the way lately! I’ve been back on my meds for a while and I think I am getting better although I do have massive downers sometimes. They are less frequent though. The one side effect I struggle with is […]

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So tomorrow at 4am I have to get up and go on holiday. Most people would think this is awesome which I guess it is to most people. I however am dreading it! I’m a week in to my anti depressant meds and very much feeling like I need to be in my own space […]

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Back On Meds :(

This is so not where I wanted to be! I am officially back on my anti depressants. 20mgs too so I am feeling the side effects already. My head feels all fuzzy and last night I couldn’t sleep. This really isn’t fun and I am starting to remember why I put off going back in […]

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All About ME!

So, I re read my last post and realised it wasn’t the best and most positive start to my blogging journey, I realised that instead of coming across as an unstableĀ psycho I should probably write about some of the good things in my life. granted I don’t feel like there are many right now but […]

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Letters to you

I am not in a good place at the minute, I know I am not, I know I am being a burden on those closet to me. I try really hard to put on a smile most days but theres times when that slips and my true self comes out. I don’t mean to be […]

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Obligatory Hello Post

I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a while. I haven’t bothered because I didn’t think anyone would read it, I have decided that it doesn’t actually matter though, ill write this stuff for me and maybe it will aid my own healing. I have lots to write about. some I am ready […]

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